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Get the ultimate chocolate experience from our Majestic chocolate range through our mix of rich and creamy milk chocolate, dark and velvety dark chocolate as well as sweet and light white chocolate.

Product Details:

Majestic Chocolate Pralines (Milk or Dark)
Size : 100gm
Packing : 24 units per carton (Pack of 10 pieces)
Size : 200gm
Packing : 12 units per carton (Pack of 20 pieces)
Majestic Gianduja Hazelnut Bar (Milk or Dark)
Size : 60gm
Packing : 4 units per carton (Pack of 24 bars)
Durionie Chocolate *New
Size : * Coming Soon
Packing : * Coming Soon
Banafrits *New
Size : * Coming Soon
Packing : * Coming Soon
Storage Life :
12 months at room temperature
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